火曜日, 8月 30, 2005

mardi gras

funky fresh invention yo.
Inflatable mardi gras floatation beads

月曜日, 8月 29, 2005

stormy weather

break in the clouds
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it seems like the man has been using anything as an excuse to raise the price o oil lately. terrorist attack, oil up. America (Haliburton) in control of the biggest oil fields, oil up. Storm, oil up. (Yes, I know oil gets refined in the gulf, but whatever) Im amazed that Janet Jacksons wardrobe malefunction didn't raise the price of crude.
Seriously though, evacuating New Orleans is crazy. The super dome will be the biggest American refugee camp so far.

月曜日, 8月 22, 2005

I admire Paris and Nicole

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Hey, I admit it. The show is f'in hilllarious. They may be totally stupid and twitty, but they are fabulous. people who diss em are jus jealous biches. c'mon, even if you have to premise it with a "yeah, I guess its interesting in a post modern kind of way..."-its a good show.

on top of ol' Fuji

cliche top of mountain shot
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Hidemi and I climbed Mt. Fuji Saturday night and toughed out some brutal weather to watch the sunrise. 32 degrees in Tokyo and 0 at 3776 meters (celsius kids). The wind was crazy- jackets were flappin, people were falling down, shivering, huddling. The deal is you start climbing at 8 pm or so and get there for the sunrise. As morning approached everyone thought all we'd be able to see was clouds churning above. The sun poked through the clouds now and then, and everyone blasted away with cameras and cell phones. Not the most stunning sunrise ever, but we had great seats.
I had a fever coming down the next morning and was all goofy and achey. Japanese hikers come in all shapes and colors and from all periods of time. We saw a guy in glow in the dark pants, two girls dressed in this Scottish school girl/leather cowboy hat style holding hands.

金曜日, 8月 19, 2005

Lesbian middle eastern food?

Lesbian middle eastern food?
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Hidemi and I were waiting to cross a busy street yesterday and saw a van and a motorcycle accident. Head on. The motorcycle plowed into the front of the van and he flew about 5 meters- like a doll and landed on his head. He was moving, but obviously messed up. It was horrible and gave me tori hada ga tatsu everytime I thought of that sound or him flying...
Wandering around Yokohama we found a couple of interesting restaurants. The lusty Pelican and the Alabian Night are right across the street from eachother.

mmmm, lusty

mmmm, lusty
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the lusty pelican?

haircut for gretle

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Before I let Hidemi try her hand at haircuttin, we took a few last photos of my mop. Half way through she said "uh oh, somethings wrong" and I ended up looking even goofier. No biggie, I went to a barber last night and got it all fixed up. No ear service this time, just 3 people hovering around me. One guy cut my hair and the other two stood off a bit with their hands politely folded behind their backs at attention. Whenever the master cutter needed anything like a hot towel or broom they were there.
I feel a lot better without the sweaty hair on my neck.

水曜日, 8月 17, 2005

raining planes

raining planes
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man, is it me, or does it seem like they're falling out of the sky every day?

月曜日, 8月 15, 2005


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We went to the gay pride parade in Tokyo this weekend, hoping to see some really bizzarro stuff like gay robots and power rangers. It was pretty tame actually... Some drag queens, but thats about it. I guess its a pretty serious no no to be gay in Japanese culture.
Ive been "episode binging" lately. Watching episode after episode of a series on dvd for like hours... The shield, sopranos, six feet under, futurama, family guy. Hey, its summer.

月曜日, 8月 08, 2005


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my hair is getting out of control. Its starting to go fabio style, its too hot, too much work, poofy. these are just a few reasons Im going to cut it off. Hidemi is going to cut it for me, and we might experiment a bit.

coat hanger tunnel

coat hanger tunnel
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another entry that has nothing to do with the picture.
So I went on a bike ride the other day 30 minutes of fast riding = 3 hrs of slow walking home with a flat. I know, I know, patch kit, pump, tools blah blah blah.
I learned my lesson and got a great sunburn.

chasing the pigeon

chasing the pigeon
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This has nothing to do with the photo but I havent taken any pictures for a while. I did take a roll of hidemi combing my hair with her feet but iphoto crashed while downloading them and they are gone... Stay tuned.
ok, so Ive been super lame about blogging. who reads it anyway? If you are out there, here is a challenge for ye:
freebeets: I have too much stuff still
popzeus123: me too, and I've thrown out a lot
popzeus123: I'm going to throw out more this week
freebeets: I have to thin out my clothes
freebeets: get rid of stuff I dont wear
popzeus123: me too
popzeus123: I really only wear a handful of items
freebeets: like gloves?
popzeus123: I ordered about three boxes of hats with my last uniform order. I have to give them to charity
freebeets: is chairty a stripper?
popzeus123: I think Jeff has another 75 from his orders, I'm just going to give them to him and he is going to give them the the Buffalo City Mission.
popzeus123: sounds like a strippers name
freebeets: what do they look like?
popzeus123: blue hats
popzeus123: winter hats
popzeus123: crappy winter hats
freebeets: mmm
freebeets: you should try giving them to a stripper
popzeus123: Simona does not want me looking at strippers.
freebeets: go to a strip club and be like. "ive got a present for you baby"
popzeus123: now that would be hilarious
freebeets: and give her 80 crappy winter hats
popzeus123: wrapped in christmas paper
freebeets: do strippers have enough couth to kindly accept a crappy gift?
freebeets: dude, you should really do it
popzeus123: I somehow doubt it, unless you found a really cool stripper
freebeets: with a hidden camera
freebeets: c'mon
freebeets: it would be awesome
popzeus123: I just suggested it to Simona now
freebeets: tell her its for science
freebeets: or anthropology
popzeus123: she thinks I should give them to Jeff to give to the homeless...sorry
freebeets: how about homeless strippers?
freebeets: maybe jeff would do it
popzeus123: I just don't want to see it
popzeus123: he might
freebeets: the look on her face would be priceless
freebeets: 80 identical hats
popzeus123: crappy $3 hats
popzeus123: navy blue
freebeets: but times 80 thats 240
popzeus123: when you put it that way
freebeets: dude, if he could film that-it would be art
freebeets: or at least the sound
freebeets: or send them to karl rove
popzeus123: karl rove could probably use a warm hat
freebeets: send a letter along with it that says "these are not hats, and they are not from me"
freebeets: and whatever you do, dont tell anyone they are from me
freebeets: I know I can trust you, yours truly, ________ __________
freebeets: you could start a website "what should I do with 80 hats.com
popzeus123: I like the website idea
freebeets: you could make a cool patch and give them to people who come up with funny ideas
freebeets: like an open blog
popzeus123: I think I may post this conversation to my blog to see what people think
freebeets: cool
popzeus123: distribute them at church and say it's something to do with jesus
if you have any ideas lemmie know